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Welcome to residents and friends of the Queen’s Park area

QPARA was established by local residents in 1973 as an entirely voluntary organisation keen to preserve the integrity of the conservation area … and that’s what we still do, but now so much more besides!

Over the last few years QPARA has led and contributed to many initiatives that help our community on a daily basis. We keep this website up-to-date with news of our current activities and campaigns.

Our area

Here’s the area we cover. Click on the map to enlarge it.

We are in the area of the London Borough of Brent bounded on the north by the North London railway line, on the south by the main railway line into Euston; on the west by the centre of the highway and the properties on the Queen’s Park side of Chamberlayne Road; and on the east by the properties on both sides of Donaldson Road/Woodville Road, the boundary of Paddington Cemetery and the centre of the highway and the properties on the west side of Willesden Lane.

Our constitution

We are a democratic voluntary organisation, but not a charity. No members get paid for the work they do for the Association. The formalities are in our Constitution, adopted at our Annual General Meeting on 14th November 2019, which you can download and read at your leisure.

Becoming a member

If you’d like to show your support please think about joining as a member.  Even if you live outside this area you can join us as an Associate member – you can’t vote meetings or be an officer, but other than that, you are a fully fledged member. Go to ‘Join us’ on the website menu for details of how to join.


St Anne's Church, Salusbury RoadWe encourage people to come to our monthly meetings. In pre-pandemic times these were are held between 8.00 and 10.00pm at St Anne’s church, Salusbury Road, NW6. We have adapted to the new situation by holding meetings on Zoom. The Zoom meetings have been very well attended. Meetings are on the second Thursday of every month, except August. See ‘Monthly Meetings’ on the website menu for details of future meetings.

We make meetings as interesting as possible and often invite guests to speak on local issues. The atmosphere is open and friendly. Members who come can ask questions and be involved in decision making. When held face to face, the meetings give people a chance to meet friends and neighbours and refreshments are available, usually from about 7.40pm.

All members receive well drafted minutes of the meetings which are sent out by email to all members along with the agenda and invitation to register for the next Zoom meeting.

Even if you can’t make it to meetings, you can support the Association in other ways. We always need volunteers to help with or organise the events we run, like Queen’s Park Day and Open Gardens.  Another good way to get involved is through the Action Groups or affiliated organisations, such as the Queen’s Park Book Festival, Clean Air for Brent and Brent Patient Voice. There is more information on this website about the action groups – click on the menu for details.

Contact us or speak to any member of any action group if you are interested in getting involved.


Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting in November. The 2020 AGM elected:

Name Role
Chair Flavia Rittner
Vice-chair Virginia Brand
Hon. Treasurer Andrea Szalanczi
Hon. Secretary Mark Norbury
Membership Secretary Andrea Szalanczi

Street Representatives

Each street within the area has its own street representative who is a support point for residents, recruits new members and gives residents information about the association. The street rep also distributes the minutes, by hand or email, to the members in their street.

If you would like to get in touch with your street rep, please contact Andrea Szalanczi, the Membership Secretary, at