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Olive Trees and other “greening projects”

Police Station Olive Trees

The trees in their first year

We installed the six olive trees in large terracotta pots beside the Police Station in December 2009 and paid for them out of the surplus from our Open Gardens and Studios Event in 2008 and is being maintained by the experts from Rich’s Tree Service, Inc official site. As QPARA member Robert Budwig describes, it was a fairly lengthy process

“Ever since I lived in the Queens Park area, some 30 years, the police station building has been an eyesore. It is useful to have the police nearby, but I had always thought it would be great if we could have something to soften it by way of some trees or pots with plants.
It was while I was involved as vice chairman of QPARA, that the idea of the olive trees in large terracotta pots really evolved. with the encouragement of the association and with the money that we raised with the last Open Gardens event in 2008,we have now been able to bring the project to fruition.

See Robert’s design for the scheme
It was quite a long process to get permission from the council as well as the police and to make sure that we had a water tap nearby to keep the plants happy,but once we had the go ahead, it was the most exciting community work of getting the pots, trees and plants ordered and then organising for 6-7 of us in the community to work together to plant the trees and now keep them watered as well as look after the smaller lavender and other flowering plants that will be appearing throughout the year. I am truly grateful to the spirit of our community and the residents association for helping to make this possible and encourage anyone with good ideas of making our area more visually appealing, to bring them to the meeting of the association.”

Robert Budwig who designed the scheme

The pots arrive

unloading the trees

starting the planting

first tree installed

job done

Over two years later the six olives are all flourishing, and last year we spotted the first few fruits. It may be a while before we can produce the first local olive oil though!

young lavenders and tulips growing with the olives

Queen’s Studios Olives

We installed a second set of olive trees in identical terracotta pots in early 2010  outside Queen’s Studios, further north up Salusbury Road.  The cost was shared with the landlord of the building.

Positioning the first tree

Adding the lavenders

Filling up with compost

Job done

St Eugene’s Court Scheme

Planter outside St Eugene’s Court in Spring

Our most recent project has been the installation of a large planter at St Eugene’s Court, on the corner of Salusbury Rd and Windermere Ave. The spring bulbs give a magnificent display and there is a variety of plants in it to maintain interest throughout the year. QPARA works with the warden and residents of St Eugene’s Court (particularly Danny, without whom this project would not have succeeded, as he checks and waters daily)

Harvist Road planters

Tulips in Harvist Road planter in Spring

We’re continuing to maintain the planters beside the Police station on the junction with Harvist Road. It’s a challenging site because we have to carry water from the library tap, and there are strong west winds along Harvist Road. The planters also attract a large amount of litter – if you’re passing and see some, please help by removing it!

All these schemes have been paid from profits made from the Open Gardens & Studios days. About £6,000 so far!

The improvement of the planters at the end of Keslake Road at the junction with Chamberlayne Road is an ongoing project supervised by long standing member and plantswoman, Pam Anderson Wood.

Group Activities

Over the past two years QPARA has helped “green up” the neighbourhood a lot.

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