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Recycling update June 2012

Caddy bags have arrived! Have you received your starter roll of caddy-bags for use with food waste? These corn starch bags will easily break down into compost and are designed to line the food caddy and make the whole process of recycling food waste less messy. But if you are happy using newspaper to wrap food waste then carry on with that system. Get more bags from or by phoning 0844 472 1871. If you don’t have a caddy you can collect one from the Abbey Road Reuse and Recycling Centre while stocks last.
Read more on a Brent press-release

Recycling update from October 2011

Our recycling system changed at the beginning of October. Instead of kerb side sorting from the green boxes we now have blue-lidded bins for mixed dry recycling.

The other big change is that only the green (organic waste) bin is collected weekly.  The blue and grey (landfill) bins are collected fortnightly – the grey bin one week and the blue the next.

new 240 litre blue bin

You should have received full instructions taped to the lid of the bin when it was delivered

the leaflet which came stuck to the bin lid

a summary of the materials to go in the blue bin

So this is what goes in the blue bin – paper, card (NEW), glass bottles and jars, food and drink cartons (NEW), plastic bottles, other hard household plastics (NEW), metal tins and cans, aluminium foil, aerosols.

materials for the blue bin

We can’t put in soft plastics – like polythene bags, carrier bags, cling film, plastic seals over ready meals.

The collection calendar shows what’s collected each week

collection calendar

Brent’s new system – a resident explains on youtube

Brent’s new system – a resident explains – part 2

Some materials need to be separately bagged and left beside the bin

materials for separate bagging

The problem with this is that unless you label them they’ll be left behind with a bossy Brent label telling you off for not recycling more! And how are we meant to leave a small bag of batteries? On top of the bin maybe?

If you’re finding it a bit much housing three 240 litre bins in your front garden you can ask Brent for slim-line versions of the blue bin and the green (garden and food waste) bin.

normal size green bin with 2 slim-line bins behind

slim-line (120 litre) grey and blue bins

If you have a lot of cardboard Brent have confirmed in writing to one of our members that you can put it in the green bin (like we used to). The main reason for shifting the card to the blue bin was that there was too much of it in the organic material in the winter and it was taking too long to rot down. Read more

Read more on Brent’s website including details of what happens to our recycling


materials for the blue bin

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