Attractions for Queen’s Park Day 2018

Queen’s Park Day was held on Sunday 16th September 2018


The Queen’s Park Day team booked some great attractions for 2018. We used the fees we receive from stall holders to pay for the attractions and subsidise the costs of donkey rides,  the climbing walls and other favourites, making Queen’s Park Day a great day out for all the family. 

The Lamb National

The Blue Falcons

We were pleased to welcome back the Blue Falcons Gymnastic Display Team made up from gymnasts aged 10 years up to 30+, work together to perform some breathtaking elements in their routines such as vaulting over each other with increasing height and distance and also where possible, vaulting over vehicles!









Eagle Heights

Climbing walls and (new this year) caving

Donkey rides

Mr Alexander

Mortier Dance Organ