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Have your say on new traffic measures around the Queen’s Park area

QPARA has written to members asking for their views and feedback on Experimental Traffic Order TO/30/019 NP Queen’s Park Area. 

We were dismayed to learn at September’s monthly meeting last Thursday that Brent planned to block certain streets in our area without prior consultation in pursuit of a TfL Healthy Streets initiative. QPARA supports initiatives which promote healthy lifestyles, but these plans, which would reconfigure many road traffic flows locally, are rushed and most have already caused considerable local concern. We have long been in favour of a traffic management plan for the area produced following due process and consultation. 

We have produced a position paper and our Chair has written an email to Councillor Shama Tatler, the lead Brent councillor for this scheme, asking for an immediate meeting or an assurance of enough time for a proper consultation.

Brent’s maps of the proposed changes are reproduced below.

To give QPARA your feedback, please email saying if you agree or disagree with the action so far, as outlined in the position paper. This is a fast moving situation and we want to make sure that we represent the views of our membership as closely as possible. We recognise that members affected by morning rush hour rat runs, e.g. in Summerfield Avenue and Dudley Road, see an advantage in the proposals, but as our paper explains there are very serious disadvantages to weigh against the package as whole.  

The petition on against the scheme which has already gained over 1,000 supporters is not a QPARA initiative but is in line with our response to the Council to date.

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