QPARA’s position on Corrib Rest planning application

Corrib RestQPARA’s Chair has written a comprehensive letter to Brent Council’s Planning Office about the planning application for the Corrib Rest which the Planning Committee  will consider on 6th April. The letter was written following decisions taken at QPARA monthly meetings and legal advice from a barrister specialising in planning law. We want to secure community resources provided for in the existing legally binding Section 106 Agreement, and protect the residents’ position, particularly those in Hopefield Avenue.

You can read QPARA’s letter here: QPARA Statement on Corrib Rest for Brent Planning Committee on 6th April

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    I fully support the QPARA ‘s letter and its requests. As the retired Director of the London Drama School, I can testify to the fact that we ran drama classes everyday at the Corrib Rest and had various shows there too. The rooms around us also had many functions and I believe that without the availability of such space in Queens Park many associations will suffer as will the cultural and social life of the area.