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Tier 3 and Queen’s Park’s facilities


London moves into Tier 3: Very High Alert

From December 16, London has been placed in Tier 3: Very High Alert to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Most of the facilities can continue to operate with strict measures in place to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

This includes:

  • Parliament Hill Athletics Track
  • Tennis courts at Parliament Hill, Golders Hill Park and Queen’s Park
  • The Parliament Hill Fields Lido
  • The Highgate Men’s Bathing Pond and the Kenwood Ladies’ Bathing
  • Pond
  • Small weddings – 15 people or less (Golders Hill Park and Queen’s Park)
  • Pitch and Putt (Queen’s Park)
  • Guardians Gym (at the Lido)
  • Trim Trails at Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park
  • Football and Rugby
  • Volunteering
  • Licenced Events e.g. Be Military Fit and the Hampstead Winter Swimming Club
  • Cafés (takeaway only)

We have had to close the Children’s Farm at Queen’s Park and the Peggy Jay Centre on Hampstead Heath. Keat’s House will also be temporarily closed until further notice.

The public toilets remain open as will the playgrounds and car parks. We will continue to empty litter bins, although we do still ask that visitors take their rubbish and waste away with them wherever possible.

Queen’s Park, Highgate Wood and Golders Hill Park (including the Hill Garden & Pergola) opening hours will remain as advertised.

We expect to be busy during this next phase of the Coronavirus restrictions as people continue to socialise outdoors and we will continue to use our social

media channels to remind visitors to follow the Government advice, the byelaws and to be considerate towards staff and other visitors.

Please share this update with your contacts and thank you for your support during this time.

For more information follow us online:
Twitter: @CityCorpHeath, @CoLQueensPark
Facebook: Hampstead Heath Official, Queen’s Park Official


Best wishes

Anne Fairweather
Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood & Queen’s Park Committee

Bob Warnock
Superintendent of Hampstead Heath

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