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We had so many fantastic entries for 2019’s competitions! Rosettes and prizes are awarded for First, Second and Third places. For dog lovers, there was the All Pets dog show and competition in the arena.

The 2019 competitions

Adult Baking – Apple pie

Homemade pastry only

Children’s Baking – chocolate chip cookies

Made from Cardboard – a FAMILY competition

Have fun with your family dreaming up a  cardboard creation – a good use for all those boxes from online deliveries as well!

Edible Buildings

Make any kind of building you can think of from vegetables, fruit and any other food you like. Let’s see what happens! But must be a building this year. No edible animals this year thanks.

It’s a competition for children so adults,  please encourage your children to enter, encourage your children to have ideas as how it could be done, go and buy the veg with them but don’t do it yourself!!

New Competition: Bend it Like. . .

Get a thin wire coat hanger and pull it or bend it into some kind of shape .
Or unwind the coat hanger completely and use the wire. Think what it could be!  Let your imagination run wild. Add some material / tissue / wool/ string/ foil – whatever you like. Let’s see some wonderful things bent from wire.

All Pets Dog Show

The All Pets Dog show is organised by All Pets Veterinary Clinic, Sidmouth Parade, NW2 5HG. Their vets will judge the competitions and All Pets will donate the prizes. The competitions are for

  • Prettiest pup (puppy aged under 1 year old )
  • Open Class (dogs between 1 and 8 years old)
  • Best senior ( dogs over 8 years old)
  • Best Junior Handler (handler aged under 12)
  • Waggiest Tail