Keslake Road Pocket Park

Work has now started on the pocket park at the Chamberlayne Road end of Keslake Road. (13th September 2022).

The 2020 leaflet showing the work can be downloaded here.

There are minor changes from the plan shown there, which are shown on the drawing above:

  • Unfortunately, the tree specialists have identified that the tree root systems of the two leaning trees closest to Chamberlayne Road, were very close to the surface and the trees were at risk of falling down. These two trees have been removed. The council is proposing to replace them with smaller mature trees in exactly the same positions. These will be bigger than the new small trees on Chamberlayne road, and we have agreed with the council that a new third tree will be planted in the pocket park.
  • Because the old trees have been removed, the raised planters which were intended to protect the shallow roots of the old trees are not required, so these areas do not have to be raised (to be discussed with Brent and decided by the end of September).
  • Due to the levels across the site, the cycle shelters (ref 12) on the left drawing below will be moved to the side next to Pelican news, and accessed from that side as well.
  • The cycle stands (ref 13) will be moved up towards Chamberlayne Rd.

One benefit of removing the big trees is that the CCTV camera on Chamberlayne road will have a better view of the area. The purpose of the redesign has always been to improve security. We’ll keep an eye on how all this unfolds.

It is expected that works will take 6-8 weeks to complete.