Street Trees


QPARA has a very active Street Trees group. They have a register of all street trees in the area and liaise with Brent on planting new trees, stump removal and management of existing trees.

Funding for this comes from Brent, generous donations from residents and occasional grants from QPARA.

Further information will be posted here shortly.

Link to General Information about Street Trees.

Spring 2018

More trees for Queen’s Park’s streets

The street trees in the QPARA area are an important local amenity. They provide clean air, shade and a home for wildlife and they contribute to the character and sense of place. Well-maintained trees make our streets attractive, helping to enhance community pride and to reduce anti-social behaviour.

But these trees don’t last for ever and some streets in Queen’s Park currently have large gaps where trees have been removed. Accordingly, QPARA has voted to donate £4,000 to Brent Council to replace many
of them, close to their original locations. QPARA members have indicated where they want trees planted. Several of the suggested sites for the new trees listed below are close to school playgrounds and main roads, helping to counteract traffic pollution and protect school children. We hope to involve local schools with the project.