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  • Possible Conservation Area Changes

    From now until 11th March, Brent are running a consultation on possible conservation area changes.

    The two proposals of most interest to QPARA members are:

    1. Extending the Queen’s Park Conservation Area to cover most of Salisbury Road and the area south of Paddington Old Cemetery.
    2. Creating a new conservation area for Kensal Rise.

    Details of these possible changes, drop-in sessions and how to respond are on Brent’s website at:

    This shows the area that is being considered to add to the Queen’s Park Conservation Area.

    The downloadable documents contain a lot more information.

    Note: there are older documents dated 2019 still on the Brent website, but the page above contains the latest. One major change from the previous proposals is that, instead of including part of Chamberlayne Road in the Queen’s Park Conservation Area, it is now proposed to include it in the new Kensal Rise Conservation Area.

  • Kensal Canalside – deadline for comments

    The 12th January deadline has now passed for submissions to London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea about the Proposed Development at Kensal Canalside / Sainsbury’s.

    You can find further information on this website at Kensal Canalside.

    Kensal Triangle Residents Association has a website with further information, videos, analysis of the application and a petition –

    The way in to the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea pages about this is at

    The QPARA response can be seen on the Planning page.

  • Queen’s Park: Towards Net Zero

    On 9th May 2023 the Queen’s Park Residents Association launched their report on making homes in their area more sustainable. This includes advice about the requirements of a conservation area.

    The meeting was addressed by the author of the report, Melissa Merryweather, and there was a lively Q&A session.

    The report can be downloaded free of charge here: Queen’s Park: Towards Net Zero.

  • Out Now!

    Read QPARA’s new report on making our homes more energy efficient and register for our Talk and Q+A on 9 May 2023   Read more
  • Summerfield Avenue, Dudley Road Traffic Management Changes


    Brent’s deadline for consultation response or comment if you have not been directly consulted has just been extended to 13th March.

    Brent is proposing a 6-month trial scheme to stop west to east traffic flow though the avenues at the southern end of Salusbury Road in the morning rush hour. QPARA considers the plans should be widely known.

    The suggestion, arising from a petition from understandably concerned residents, is to ban cars (but not cycles) turning from Kingswood Avenue into Summerfield, Montrose and Hopefield Avenues between the hours of 7 & 10, Monday to Friday.

    At the moment only residents of Summerfield, Dudley, Montrose, Hopefield and the adjacent stretches of Kingswood, Salusbury & Harvist are being officially consulted. QPARA has been invited to respond as well.


    Updated 12/02/23