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  • New Parliamentary Boundaries for Queen’s Park

    Because of changes to constituency boundaries, the QPARA area is in the new parliamentary constituency of “Queen’s Park and Maida Vale” for the 2024 General Election on 4th July.

    If you want to explore the changes more thoroughly, these sites are useful:

    The final candidate list will be published by 7th June. 7 candidates are currently known.

    There will also be an election on the 4th for a third councillor for Queen’s Park Ward, Eleanor Southwood having resigned.

  • Salusbury World Crowdfunder – Result

    Salusbury World is a registered charity supporting refugee and migrant children, young people and families rebuild hopeful, fulfilling lives in London. They started work in Brent in 1999. 

    They provide immediate crisis support – through basics like food parcels and phone cards, and help with welfare benefits, immigration issues and homelessness – and long-term support so refugees and asylum-seekers develop the skills and confidence to thrive in London. Their support is personalised and integrated. They also offer an advice service, after-school and homework clubs, educational mentoring for teenagers, holiday programmes and a women’s project. 

    Salusbury World has reached something of a pinch point with an exponential rise in the demand for their services at a time of serious financial constraint and is in danger of closure in 2024 without your generous support.

    The Crowdfunder is now over. 

    You can go to to see the result.

    Their website is at . You can get information about their activities and how you can support them.

  • Ukraine Support Network

    Ukraine FlagSome QPARA members and other locals who want to support displaced Ukrainians and their hosts in the area have formed a support network to assist and complement what Brent Council and others are doing. It is not restricted to QPARA members. If you wish to get in touch with QPARA’s Ukraine Support Network, please feel free to contact Celia Frank ( ) or Robin Sharp (

    We are very proud to welcome our Ukrainian guests and wanted to offer a short guide for guests and their hosts to help navigate the most important steps in getting settled in the UK. It is not comprehensive but should provide a valuable resource to get things started. 

    The document will be updated with shared learning as we discover more about the Homes for Ukraine scheme and as hosts and guests feed their experiences back to us.

    The most up-to-date version of the document can be downloaded from Dropbox by clicking on the link below. You don’t need a Dropbox account to do this, select the Download option (top left, select down arrow and then Download – this on a PC Browser, other browsers may differ)

    Dropbox link for Ukraine Support Network document.

    Please note that this information may change frequently. Newer versions of the document will be uploaded, so please check back often.

    A page has been set up under the Groups heading to provide a permanent place for information about this. Link to Ukraine Support Network page.

  • Call for food donations for local Christmas deliveries

    A call out for food donations – a few of the local initiatives are short of donations over the next two weeks, partly because schools have broken up and collections are no longer possible. They are very keen to collect as much pasta, rice, tuna, tinned tomatoes, fruit and veg as possible over the weekend both for parcels on Monday and to share with the Granville for their midweek deliveries. Home pick-up of donations is possible and we will also be around the Farmers Market and 22 Lonsdale Rd on Sunday. More info at  

  • Queen’s Park’s Co-op has now opened. Kilburn Times article gives information about support given to local community groups if you join and spend