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    MP Smarter Travel (MPST) is working with the Queen’s Park community to shape a safer and healthier local area. MPST want to hear your views on potential efforts to create quieter streets with reduced traffic and improved air quality.

    MPST are holding meetings and have an online survey for local people to complete.

    For more information, see the flyer below and go to the Queen’s Park Area – Healthy Neighbourhood page on this website.

  • Summerfield Avenue, Dudley Road Traffic Management Changes


    Brent’s deadline for consultation response or comment if you have not been directly consulted has just been extended to 13th March.

    Brent is proposing a 6-month trial scheme to stop west to east traffic flow though the avenues at the southern end of Salusbury Road in the morning rush hour. QPARA considers the plans should be widely known.

    The suggestion, arising from a petition from understandably concerned residents, is to ban cars (but not cycles) turning from Kingswood Avenue into Summerfield, Montrose and Hopefield Avenues between the hours of 7 & 10, Monday to Friday.

    At the moment only residents of Summerfield, Dudley, Montrose, Hopefield and the adjacent stretches of Kingswood, Salusbury & Harvist are being officially consulted. QPARA has been invited to respond as well.


    Updated 12/02/23

  • Keslake Road Pocket Park nearly complete.

    The work at the Keslake Road Pocket Park is nearly complete.

    Keslake Road Pocket Park, 29/10/22

    Two new benches are to go in front of the new planters next to Chamberlayne Road and there will be cycle storage hangars on the south side, next to the bike racks.

    Although sadly, Brent had no choice but to remove the two mature planes at the front that were leaning and therefore dangerous, they acted promptly to replace these with young Magnolia trees and there is a third magnolia tree on the south side.

    Further information on the scheme, including why it was necessary to remove two trees, can be found here: Keslake Road Pocket Park.

  • Keslake Road Pocket Park

    Work has started on the Pocket Park at the Chamberlayne Road end of Keslake Road.

    An update on the scheme, including why it was necessary to remove two trees, can be found here: Keslake Road Pocket Park.

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) – update

    A special item at QPARA’s monthly meeting on 8th October discussed Brent’s proposals for LTN19 Queen’s Park / Brondesbury Park and LTN20 Kilburn (which includes some streets east of Salusbury Road). Some 90 members and other residents who attended heard updates on the latest position and expressed continued strong concern at the lack of consultation on the proposed scheme (see News article 30 Sept explaining QPARA’s stance). 

    Members of QPARA’s Streetscape Group had taken part in a Brent Council briefing for residents’ groups on 22 September. This revealed that LT19 would now be phased, with only the closure of Tiverton Road at the Chevening bridge junction being implemented first and other changes placed on hold unless ‘needed’ in future. In contrast, all the planned closures in LT20 would proceed as planned originally. Maps of these two updated proposals were shown.

    QPARA pressed Brent for the official notes of the meeting and the maps for over three weeks since the 22nd. The notes finally arrived on 14th October (but no maps) confirming the ‘Tiverton only’ proposal for LT19, for the present, but also now showing that point closures on Victoria and Donaldson roads in LT20 were now on hold. Other point closures in LT19 outside QPARA’s area would proceed (for example Brondesbury Villas, causing concern to QPARA members in Brondesbury Road due to displaced traffic). No firm dates were given for any closures. The notes also showed that  closures would now be reviewed at 2 and 4 months rather than at only 6 months intervals as envisaged before. There were still no plans to consult on schemes in advance, as this was to follow once implemented, running in parallel. Without updated maps yet provided by Brent, out website can show only the out of date originals .

    Hearing news of the changes and also that many members had collected figures on the mass of vehicles entering Queen’s Park area in the morning peak, the meeting on 8 October agreed immediate actions. Again putting on record strong concerns about the lack of prior consultation, it was agreed to fund Traffic Engineer expertise to advise QPARA if needed, and in addition to make a submission to an upcoming Extraordinary Meeting of Brent Council 16 September.

    The Council had given no real notice of this special meeting, and certainly none to interested parties including residents’ associations, even when these were actively engaged in LTN issues. On 14 October QPARA’s Chair Virginia Brand therefore submitted a formal letter to the Meeting on behalf of the association. It was circulated to all Brent councillors, and complained about the inadequate consultation process, the lack of data or projections to show how the schemes would impact, the absence of assessment on consequences for disabled people and the lack of consultation about the Meeting itself (live streamed at ).

    The Meeting approved a motion endorsing going ahead with LTNs but QPARA awaits clarification on its full meaning.