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    MP Smarter Travel (MPST) is working with the Queen’s Park community to shape a safer and healthier local area. MPST want to hear your views on potential efforts to create quieter streets with reduced traffic and improved air quality.

    MPST are holding meetings and have an online survey for local people to complete.

    For more information, see the flyer below and go to the Queen’s Park Area – Healthy Neighbourhood page on this website.

  • Summerfield Avenue, Dudley Road Traffic Management Changes


    Brent’s deadline for consultation response or comment if you have not been directly consulted has just been extended to 13th March.

    Brent is proposing a 6-month trial scheme to stop west to east traffic flow though the avenues at the southern end of Salusbury Road in the morning rush hour. QPARA considers the plans should be widely known.

    The suggestion, arising from a petition from understandably concerned residents, is to ban cars (but not cycles) turning from Kingswood Avenue into Summerfield, Montrose and Hopefield Avenues between the hours of 7 & 10, Monday to Friday.

    At the moment only residents of Summerfield, Dudley, Montrose, Hopefield and the adjacent stretches of Kingswood, Salusbury & Harvist are being officially consulted. QPARA has been invited to respond as well.


    Updated 12/02/23