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  • Corrib Rest plans rejected by Brent Planning Committee this evening (6th April)

    Brent Planning Committee Councillors have turned down the developer’s plans for The Corrib Rest Pub. They accepted Brent Officers’ recommendation to reject the plans. QPARA spoke to object to the plans. We have consistently argued that any plan should provide for a well-managed pub with adequate community space and protection for local residents.

  • QPARA vehemently objects to new Corrib Rest plans in time for Brent Planning Committee meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 06 April)

    Corrib Rest

    Brent Planning Officers think along the same lines as we do – that these plans should be rejected. But we hear the planning committee councillors are “mindful to accept”. Our own councillors and our MP are all concerned that these new plans do not afford adequate community space nor protect the Hopefield Avenue residents.

    Our position is that the developer has not fully embraced the community nature of the pub and the community/function rooms and the subsequent plans do not promote a viable community pub, provide adequate and sustainable community space or protect the Hopefield Ave residents. Here is our letter: QPARA Supplementary Letter 04 April 2016.

    The Planning Committee meeting starts at 7.00pm is open to the public (details here) for anyone who is able to attend.

  • Invitation to consultation on Brent’s Cultural Strategy RSVP 18th Feb

    Brent Council is undertaking a programme of consultation and engagement on a new draft Cultural Strategy:

    “The draft strategy and action plan set out proposals to further develop the rich cultural offer which makes Brent an exciting borough to live, work or visit. It proposes a shared vision for the many individuals, organisations and stakeholders involved in the cultural life of Brent, through direct delivery, sponsorship or participation. The objectives of the strategy and the action plan will be closely embedded in the ongoing regeneration of properties and spaces across the borough.

    “We would like to invite you or another member of your group to an independently facilitated consultation and engagement event to discuss the draft strategy on Thursday, 25 February from 18:30-20:30 at Stonebridge Hub,6 Hillside, Stonebridge,NW10 8BN.https://hydecommunitycentres.wordpress.com/stonebridge-hillside-community-centre-brent-london/

    “This event is also a good opportunity for you to meet with other community organisations in the borough.

    “We would be very grateful if would you would confirm attendance by emailing aine.ryan@brent.gov.uk by 5pm on the 18 February.”