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  • CAPS – Combatting Air Pollution on Salusbury Road – project update


    The CAPS project has moved forward rapidly since our first posting. Brent has confirmed that they can let us use their big mobile monitoring machine either in July/August or later if we need time to agree a suitable site close to Salusbury Road. This machine measures NOX and particulate pollution from diesel by time of day. We will also hang small diffusion tubes on lampposts. The tubes record NOX only over a period.

    Friends of the Earth (FOE) will help with a project in the autumn that involves children and parents. We are also liaising with Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn and Brent FOE. We have been pleased to learn that the new Mayor of London plans to launch a major consultation on combatting air pollution soon and that Brent will be consulting on a revised Air Quality Action Plan. When we have results from our monitoring project we expect to make recommendations for action by individuals, Brent, the Mayor and probably national government too.

    The CAPS group met on 1st June with officers from Brent Council and national FOE in support. You can find a link to the notes of that meeting and more information about CAPS on our Environment Action Group page.

  • CAPS – Combatting Air Pollution on Salusbury Road – a key QPARA initiative for 2016

    3000CAPS – Combatting Air Pollution on Salusbury – is a new project for QPARA. With help from various environmental groups and the council – and  hopefully with the involvement of local schools whose children’s health is daily put at risk – we hope to start by monitoring the levels of diesel pollution on Salusbury Road.

    The CAPS team will be reporting back at our monthly meetings and we will post news of our progress on the front page of our website. You can read a background paper on the Environment Action Group page of our website.

    Please contact us, if you can help and or want to become involved.

  • Road Safety / 20mph zones

    Brent Council workers and contractors are racing to complete the final stages of traffic ‘calming’ on Salusbury Road by the end of March. Speed platforms and lighted 20mph speed signs are being installed.
    A major 20mph zone was introduced in 2013 between Salusbury and Chamberlayne roads. QPARA had pressed for this over the years and also for Salusbury Road itself to be included in the scheme. A 20mph zone is now in place on Chamberlayne Road too.

  • QPARA objects to planning application for car boot sale

    There has been a retrospective planning application for permission to hold a car boot sale on Saturdays in the Salusbury Road School playground. QPARA has registered an objection. There is still just time for individual objections as the decision will not be made until 20 March. There is a link our objection on the Action Groups/Planning page.