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  • Salusbury World Crowdfunder – Result

    Salusbury World is a registered charity supporting refugee and migrant children, young people and families rebuild hopeful, fulfilling lives in London. They started work in Brent in 1999. 

    They provide immediate crisis support – through basics like food parcels and phone cards, and help with welfare benefits, immigration issues and homelessness – and long-term support so refugees and asylum-seekers develop the skills and confidence to thrive in London. Their support is personalised and integrated. They also offer an advice service, after-school and homework clubs, educational mentoring for teenagers, holiday programmes and a women’s project. 

    Salusbury World has reached something of a pinch point with an exponential rise in the demand for their services at a time of serious financial constraint and is in danger of closure in 2024 without your generous support.

    The Crowdfunder is now over. 

    You can go to https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/help-refugees-now to see the result.

    Their website is at https://salusburyworld.org.uk/ . You can get information about their activities and how you can support them.

  • Please help Salusbury World help refugee children

    Salusbury World are a brilliant local charity. We are happy to support this appeal from them.

    We have a unique opportunity to double any donations made to our Champions for Children fundraising campaign until Tuesday lunchtime (21st June). 

    This is HUGE for us, so we would be immensely grateful if as many people as possible – who are able in these deeply straitened times – to take part. 

    The fundraising is in aid of our various programmes for young refugees to support them to thrive in their new communities. 

    There is more detail on the campaign page, but you can guarantee that every penny will be put to good use and will make a big difference to young people in NW London. 

    Donate here

    Salusbury World

    Our mission is to support and empower refugee and migrant children, young people and families to overcome obstacles, realise their rights and potential and participate fully in society.

    More Information about Salusbury World

  • Help Salusbury World support children from migrant and refugee families by volunteering as an educational mentor

    Salusbury World run a mentoring club at Queen’s Park Community School and at Capital City Academy supporting children from migrant and refugee families in education.

    That support is mostly delivered by local volunteers. They help with homework, with English language skills and with general confidence building. The aim is to enable them to play a full role in the academic and extra-curricular life of their school. Sessions take place at the two schools from Mondays to Thursdays at 3pm or 3.30pm, depending on which one is convenient for you. They last approximately an hour.

    Salusbury World also recruit volunteers for after school club help at the primary school where we are based – Salusbury Primary School on Salusbury Road.

    This is the time of year when they need to recruit new volunteers in as great a number as possible. The link below offers descriptions of all the roles and an application form. You get full training and supervision and they are obviously happy to answer any questions potential volunteers may have about how the mentoring programme works. There’s no need for specialist skills – no teaching experience, no lesson preparation is expected. Just a willingness to help and the time to do so.

    If you are interested in volunteering or require further information,  use this link to the Salusbury World website or contact volunteering@salusburyworld.org.uk

  • Once again QPARA agrees £1,000 donations to groups supporting the local community

    At our March monthly meeting, we agreed donations of £1,000 to each of the following groups with a connection to the Queen’s Park area:

    Brent Action for Refugees to fund tea/social evenings for Syrian refugees in Brent

    Brent Centre for Young People to give Adolescent Exploratory Therapy to two young people who live in the Queen’s Park area

    Laurence’s Larder to help help provide food, clothing, washing and drying facilities to refugee asylum seekers in Brent

    Our Global School to cover the cost of transporting volunteer school students from Salusbury School and Queen’s Park Community School to a township school in Kayamandi, South Africa

    The Promise Foundation to help fund a monthly Skills Club, based in the Queen’s Park Community School to help tackle educational disadvantage in Brent

    Salusbury World to help with the funding of a Winter Party for refugee children and to help fund excursions for refugee women and children

    Shakespeare in the Squares to help with the costs of a production of Romeo and Juliet in Queen’s Park on 24th June.

    QPARA is a not for profit organisation. If, at the end of each financial year there are surplus funds, we invite applications for donations for these from local charities, groups and not for profit organisations in line with our aims to support the local community. The maximum amount for a single donation is £1,000.

  • QPARA agrees £1000 donations to seven groups supporting the local community

    At our meeting on Thursday night we agreed to donations of £1,000 each to seven local groups, organisations & charities.

    Here is the list of groups with links to their websites:

    1. Ark Franklin Primary Academy – Building raised timber planting boxes in the school garden

    2. Brent Centre for Young People  – Cost for 2 young people to undergo Adolescent Exploratory Therapy

    3. Friends of Salusbury School – Providing more green and Astroturf areas in the playground

    4. Queen’s Park Junior Singers – Contributing towards cost of making an audio recording of The Happy Prince

    5. Real Action – Teacher training costs (1 teacher) to give Butterfly Literacy training to volunteers

    6. Salusbury World – Mini bus hire & petrol for the annual outing and contribution towards the Winter party for 90 refugee children

    7. Shakespeare in the Squares – towards the production costs of performing Much Ado About Nothing in Queen’s Park in Summer 2016

    QPARA is a not for profit organisation. If, at the end of each financial year there are surplus funds, we invite applications for donations from these from local charities, groups and not for profit organisations in line with our aims to support the local community.